• Why Vinyl Windows?
  • Key Benefits
  • • Easy to operate
  • • Easy to clean
  • • No painting is required
  • • No rusting, no rotting or warping
  • • Can tolerate extreme variations in climate
  • • Easy to match vinyl window colors to house exterior

How can our Vinyl Windows help control Energy Costs?

High Performance Low 'E' Glass Standard; All Hometech windows are glazed with High Performance, Energy Efficient, Low 'E' glass. Low 'E' glass is a high performance glass made with an invisible clear coating that controls heat flow. This invisible coating separates heat from cold. In winter the heat stays inside your home, where you need it to keep warm. In summer the heat stays outside, reducing cooling costs. In addition Low 'E' glass also acts as a UV filter to protect your interior drapes, upholstery and carpet from early fading.

ADD ARGON GAS FOR EXTRA ENERGY SAVINGS (OPTIONAL); add Argon Gas and increase the efficiency of your new window even more. Argon, an inert, clear gas, adds insulating properties to the sealed unit and in many cases, helps to reduce sound transmission.

EdgeTech Super Spacer structural foam design has more than edged out the competition! "Thermal efficiency through no presence of conductive metals" is the Super Spacer® hallmark. The edge of the insulating glass unit is the most vulnerable to heat and cooling loss, condensation and frosting. Super Spacer's NO-metal formula blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry. That means it keeps the heat in during the winter months and keeps the cool in during the summer months. Super Spacer assures comfortable winter humidity level with hardly any worries about condensation and mold.

On all installed Vinyl Windows, MG&M will caulk the exterior and use a foam sealant instead of a fiberglass insulation which greatly reduces the possibility of drafts and water leakage, especially in extreme weather conditions.

Why Vinyl Windows from MG&M?

• Unbeatable After Sales Service-if there is any problems with your windows after installation we will come fix it at     no charge!

• Competitive Prices

• High quality products and professional installation

• Our manufacturers stand behind their products! If there is a defect related to the warranty they will come and    service your window immediately at no charge

What kind of Warranty do I get?

MG&M honors a warranty on our labor after installation for up to one year! A 40 Year Non Pro-Rated Limited Warranty on all vinyl components against blistering, peeling, flaking, fading or corroding on all Hometech Windows! A 20 Year Non Pro-Rated Limited Warranty on all sealed insulating glass units against seal failure, that will result in an obvious obstruction of vision, film formation or dirt collection between the interior surfaces of the glass unit on all Hometech Windows. A Lifetime Limited Warranty on all Truth Corporation window hardware and sash balances on all Hometech Windows. A 2 Year Non Pro-Rated Limited Warranty on all miscellaneous parts on all Hometech Windows.